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Embellish your home with unique decorations and fixtures. Come to Americana Furniture & Antique Mall in Leavenworth, KS and bring home some of our slightly used furniture pieces and repurposed items. We also offer antiques and collectible pieces that you will surely love to own and proudly display.

Why Consider Pre-Loved Furniture?

One of the benefits of buying slightly used furniture is that you get the quality and functionality you desire from an item at a lower price. This practice also helps the environment by reusing a decorative piece instead of having it thrown into a landfill. Lastly, you can convey a distinctive story that only pre-owned pieces possess.

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Aside from selling antiques and repurposed items, Americana Furniture & Antique Mall also offers spaces for antique dealers who want to showcase their own products. Head over to our shop and get the chance to find the ideal home decoration that matches the interior design of your property. Continue browsing through our site or contact us to learn more about our furniture store.