Unique and Unusual Pieces

Catering to Various Antique Dealers

Americana Furniture & Antique Mall in Leavenworth, KS has a unique setup for antique dealers that lack time for buying and selling in our shop every day. We offer booths for rent, and we can have our staff look after your products. All you need to do is supply a copy of your inventory, keep your booth clean, and have valid prices listed. Count on us to take care of your customers and sell your pre-owned furniture pieces or other collectibles.

Affordable Antique Booth Rentals

Aside from ensuring that your wares are properly taken care of, we can also accommodate your unique booth rental needs. At reasonable rates, you can rent our spacious 4x8 booths, but if you need a larger one, we are open to setting up a customized stall to cater your antique items and pre-owned furniture pieces. Partner with us today and be one of our local vendors.

Be One of Our Antique Dealers

Do you require further clarification about our new shopping concept? Don’t hesitate to speak with one of our staff members. To reach us, you can dial the provided phone number or send us a message via email. We are more than glad to walk you through our services, rates, and the product list of our furniture shop.